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Love Solution

If you have any relationship problems, We are the doctors with the best experience to solve your problems are here just for you. We have got your potential solution

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Business Solutions

Get work promotion to solve all you financial problems that makes your life difficult day in day out.

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Marriage Solutions

look no further get reconciliation to seek a quicker safer solution to your endless problem marriage.

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Luck & Charm Solutions

Attract your luck back. We are number one to help you to attract your fortunes. Talk to us

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For your child whitest teeths

Traditional Herbs

We have quality traditional herbs which can easily cure your health problems

Got a broken heart?

Magic Rings

We have the best Magic rings which can turn life into fortunes

Love or Business


We have all spells from love, business, relationships and anything you can think of


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Doctor AKIM

Don’t wait To regret

Dr. Akim is dedicated to providing her patients with the best possible care. We at Herbal Solutions 247 are focused on helping you. After receiving successful care for various problems over the years, Dr. Akim found his calling to help others get well.


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It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…


By names is Arnold from Kiambu
I’d like to convey my deepest appreciation and gratitude…to the most POWERFUL and TRUSTED spiritual herbalist healer in Africa. ;

He who managed to assist me in a various number of issues, by using his own supper natural powers and medicial herbs which, I believe, has been gifted to him by his powerful ancestral spirits. Using the experience of his old man (papa) – 96yrs lingering in the grave yard BUT still existing as an ancestral spirit to assist in resolving problems of every personal nature (dead ones are not dead). Thanks, Dr. Akim bring back my lost wife we are once again married and we have a cherised family, all our children are in the best schools receiving the best education. Thank you, and your Powerful Ancestors, I will NEVER forget you and the assistance you’ve rendered. I will keep telling other people to visit you and consider your unique services.

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 My name Anne, from india
I was afflicted by constant maledictions in my life; when I used dream dreamt of snakes and dead people raising up from the graves,

they wanted to be human again and they beckon me to follow them. I lost all my money in a unsuccessful business venture, my cars were repossessed, my husband, and my children appeared to turn against me and abandon me.
I was referred a powerful native doctor But when I visited the doctor Dr . Akim immediately I stepped in his place I felt like I was just reborn, he assisted me using his all his powers to get rid of the plagues. As now am living my Happy life withy family thanks to Dr Akim

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What do our smallest patient say?

Hello everyone, my situation is quite tricky, i have the love of my life whom i helped through school with her tuition and just after she had graduated and i was making marriage preparations,

she was wooed by another man who convinced her into marriage. This hurt me so much depending on the amount of money i invested into her education. This was a great breaking point in my life and i had lost all hope not until a friend of mine refered me to Shakazulu love spellcaster Baaba Uthando who with his powerful “RETURN LOST LOVER SPELLS” helped me bring back my woman who immediately applied for divorce with her husband and came back to me. It has been 5 years now and we are living happily with our  daughters.

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Herbal Solution 247 are the Best Traditional African Herbalists from Kenya, and the Spiritual Healers, who not only deliver to their promises but even heal the unhealed diseases and solve all solutions.

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